Bernoulli Distribution

Generates Bernoulli distributed random numbers.


Bernoulli random number generator fills the \(n \times p\) numeric table with Bernoulli distributed values with the \(p\) probability of success on a single trial, where \(p \in R\), \(0 \leq p \leq 1\).

A variate is called Bernoulli distributed if after a trial it is equal to \(1\) with the probability of success \(p\) and to \(0\) with the probability \(1 - p\). The probability distribution is given by:

\[p\{x = 1\} = p\]
\[p\{x = 0\} = 1 - p\]

The cumulative distribution function is as follows:

\[\begin{split}F_p(x) = \begin{cases} 0, & x < 0 \\ 1 - p, & 0 \leq x < 1, x \in \mathbb{R} \\ 1, & x \geq 1 \end{cases}\end{split}\]

Batch Processing

Algorithm Parameters

Bernoulli distribution algorithm has the following parameters in addition to the common parameters specified in Distributions:


Default Value




The floating-point type that the algorithm uses for intermediate computations. Can be float or double.



Performance-oriented computation method, the only method supported by the algorithm.


Not applicable

Success probability of a trial, required parameter.


Performance Considerations

To get the best overall performance when using the Bernoulli distribution random number generator, provide the 32-bit signed integer homogeneous numeric table constructed with enabled equal features.

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