Generates Bernoulli distributed random values.


template<typename IntType = std::int32_t, typename Method = bernoulli_method::by_default>
class bernoulli {
using method_type = Method;
using result_type = IntType;
bernoulli(): bernoulli(0.5){} explicit bernoulli(float p);
float p() const;

Devices supported: Host, CPU, and GPU.

Include Files

  • oneapi/mkl/rng.hpp


The oneapi::mkl::rng::bernoulli class object is used in the oneapi::mkl::rng::generate function to provide Bernoulli distributed random numbers with probability p of a single trial success, where

p∈R; 0 ≤  p  ≤ 1.

A variate is called Bernoulli distributed, if after a trial it is equal to 1 with probability of success p, and to 0 with probability 1 - p.

The probability distribution is given by:

P(X = 1) = p
P(X = 0) = 1 - p

The cumulative distribution function is as follows:


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Template Parameters

typename_IntType = std::int32_t

Type of the produced values. The specific values are as follows: std::int32_t std::uint32_t

typename Method = oneapi::mkl::rng::bernoulli_method::by_default

Generation method. The specific values are as follows: oneapi::mkl::rng::bernoulli_method::icdf See brief descriptions of the methods in Distributions Template Parameter Method Values

Input Parameters






Success probability p of a trial.