Generates uniformly distributed bits in 32/64-bit chunks.


template<typename UIntType = std::uint32_t>
class uniform_bits {
using result_type = UIntType

Devices supported: Host, CPU, and GPU.

Include Files

  • oneapi/mkl/rng.hpp


The oneapi::mkl::rng::uniform_bits class object is used to generate uniformly distributed bits in 32/64-bit chunks. It is designed to ensure each bit in the 32/64-bit chunk is uniformly distributed. It is not supported not for all engines.

IUntType denotes the chunk size and can be std::uint32_t, std::uint64_t. See VS Notes for details.

Template Parameters

typename UIntType = std::uint32_t

Type of the produced values. The specific values are as follows: std::uint32_t std::uint64_t